Valentina Mele: 'Spatial Deixis and Subjectivity in the Medieval Italian Love-Lyric'


NOV 2, 2020

Session: 12th November
Valentina Mele (University College Cork)
Spatial Deixis and Subjectivity in the Medieval Italian Love-Lyric

How is space encoded in Guido Cavalcanti’s poetry? How do spatial coordinates contribute to the articulation of the Cavalcantian lyric subject? These are two of the central questions this paper will address. After outlining trends and modes of thematising spatiality in the love lyric, the discussion will focus on customary uses of the congedo in the Italian lyric tradition. By examining Cavalcanti’s distinguishing employment of this metatextual portion of the lyric and the presence of spatial deictics in his corpus, the analysis seeks to describe how the lover-beloved dialectic is defined and how this dialectic determines the articulation of the first-person position in the text.